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Lower Your Cost of Power

If you own a home and pay a power bill, you can start saving money today with the Evelar solution. The Evelar solution will lower your total cost of power with no money down.

Lock In Your Savings

If you pay a utility company for power, you will always be looking at rate increases and higher monthly bills.  But with the Evelar solution, you can lower your monthly bills today and lock in that rate.  You will be insulated against future utility rate increases.

Increase Your Home’s Value

The Evelar solution offers system ownership to the homeowner. You own the solar panels and add value to your home. Whether you plan to stay in your home for 5 months or 30 years, the Evelar Solution makes sense.

How We Do It?

The Evelar 4 Step Solution


We analyze your home’s power usage to identify how much money you can save.


We find ways to conserve energy and maximize your savings.


We will size a solar array specific to your home and power needs.


You can begin saving money immediately with a new, lower, fixed cost of power.

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